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Lambros Petrou

Work Experience

Amazon Development Centre, London, UK

Software Development Engineer

— Present

  • Amazon Profiler team (Jun 2017 - present)

    • Provide internal tooling for performance optimisation and monitoring across Amazon backend services.
    • Designed and implemented parts of our website using ReactJS (Redux, Redux-sagas, etc.).
    • Deployed the website and several supporting APIs (Node.js) following a serverless architecture in AWS (API Gateway, AWS Lambda & Lambda@Edge, CloudFront, DynamoDB, S3).

  • LOVEFiLM By Post — DVD and Blu-ray rental service team (Sep 2015 - May 2017)

    • Lead engineer for the LOVEFiLM By Post mobile application (Cordova, Ionic, AngularJS, SASS).
    • Worked on backend services and parts of the LOVEFiLM website (Java, SpringMVC).

  • Amazon Web Services Certifications

    • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (AWS-ASA-17150)
    • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate (AWS-ASOA-4686)
    • AWS Certified Developer Associate (AWS-ADEV-3263)

Funifi Ltd, Cyprus

Software Engineer

  • Refactored server-side code (NodeJS), extended the existing REST API with new functionality for the upcoming Funifi store, and started the implementation of an administration web dashboard using AngularJS.

Amazon Development Centre, London, UK

Software Development Engineer

  • Member of the LOVEFiLM By Post rental service team as summer intern.

  • Implemented an internal service that automates the printing process for the dispatched disks' envelope labels (FlexMail, .NET, Java, Swing).

Data Management Systems Laboratory, UCY

Software Engineer

AnyPlace: Indoor Positioning and Navigation System for Big Data

  • Developed a complete architecture for an Indoor Positioning and Navigation system that provides a Web2.0 API for 3rd-party clients backed by Couchbase, a NoSQL datastore. (

  • Implemented an Android app that offers real-time positioning and navigation indoors, and a web-based application developed using Google Dart that provides similar services through any HTML-5 compliant browser.

  • Designed & implemented a Wi-Fi RSS-based radio map construction algorithm that can filter out useless Access Points and erroneous or unnecessary Wi-Fi fingerprints using Hadoop (Map-Reduce framework).

Data-Driven Multithread Research Laboratory, UCY

Software Developer, Intern

  • Developed a plugin for Eclipse IDE to provide content assistance and custom pre-processing for an in-house language.

Computer Graphics Laboratory, UCY

Software Developer, Intern

  • Processed and presented crowd movement simulation data in a realistic 3D stage using 3D figures - Unity3D, KINECT


University of Oxford

Oxford, UK

  • Master of Science in Computer Science, Grade: Distinction

  • Thesis: Single-round vs Multi-round Distributed Query Processing in Factorised Databases

    • Designed and implemented a distributed join query evaluation engine (C++), coined D-FDB. In contrary to traditional systems, D-FDB uses data factorizations (f-representations) end-to-end exploiting their theoritical size-bounds against flat relational tables minimizing the total query execution time.

    • Developed serialization and bit-compression techniques to efficiently transmit data factorizations over the network whilst retaining the factorization compression levels.

University of Cyprus, UCY

Nicosia, Cyprus

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, GPA: 9.41 /10 (Ranked 1st of class)

  • Thesis: AnyPlace: Indoor Positioning and Navigation System for Big Data as described in Work Experience

  • Coursework (selected courses): Algorithms and Complexity, Distributed Algorithms, Parallel Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Systems Programming, Parallel Processing

Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, EPFL

Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Erasmus student for one semester, Department of Computer Science

  • Coursework: Software Engineering, Concurrent Algorithms, TCP/IP Networking, Program parallelization on PC clusters

Languages & Technologies

  • Languages: C, C++, Java, Go, Python (scripting), Elixir (novice), Clojure/Racket (learning)

  • Web: HTML5, CSS & SASS, Javascript (ES6, TypeScript), Node.js, ReactJS, AngularJS, Mithril

Other Technical Experience


Awards & Achievements

  • Nominated for one of the few HEFCE scholarships for graduate studies at University of Oxford, UK (Fall 2014)

  • Nominated for a Fulbright Student Scholarship for graduate studies in USA (Fall 2014)

  • ACM SIGMOD 2015 Programming Contest, ranked 1st nationwide (Cyprus & UK) and 5th worldwide among 38 teams. Selected as one of the finalists to present our solution in ACM SIGMOD conference in Melbourne, Australia

  • ACM SIGMOD 2014 Programming Contest, ranked 1st nationwide and 9th worldwide among 33 teams

  • ACM SIGMOD 2013 Programming Contest, ranked 1st nationwide and 10th worldwide among 55 teams

  • Promoted to Second Lieutenant of Infantry during my two years of obligatory army service (2008-2010)


  • Demo paper: "Anyplace: A Crowdsourced Indoor Information Service", K.Georgiou, T.Constambeys, C.Laoudias, L.Petrou, G.Chatzimilioudis and D.Zeinalipour-Yazti "Proceedings of the 16th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management" (MDM '15), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, June 15-18, 2015

  • Demo paper: "Crowdsourced Indoor Localization and Navigation with Anyplace", L.Petrou, G.Larkou, C.Laoudias, D.Zeinalipour-Yazti and C.G.Panayiotou "Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks" (IPSN '14), Berlin, Germany, April 15-17, 2014

  • Demo paper: "Anyplace: Indoor Positioning and Navigation in the Big-Data Era", L.Petrou, G.Larkou, C.Laoudias, D.Zeinalipour-Yazti and C.G.Panayiotou "Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation" (IPIN '13), Montbeliard-Belfort, France, October 28-31, 2013

Other interests

  • Volleyball addict (setter)

  • Fan of martial arts — Practised Karate Shotokan for 8 years, and Wing Chun Kung Fu for a few months