Lambros Petrou
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit!" — Aristotle

Micro-blog service written in Go as a personal blog

I have been a user of Wordpress since 2006 in order to provide my own blog, latest version found at MasterGenius.NET. I invested a lot of time in it learning PHP, web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript and the likes) and I thank it since it made my way into the web as a developer. There have been many times I wanted to switch out from it and make my own micro-blog service but due to time constraints and other things popping up I always halted the process.

Recently, I started using Go language as my primary tool for my latest projects and I am really amazed by how much you can create in a small amount of time and at the same time having a substantial performance. All other languages that tried to do something similar failed either in performance or in coding-style, at least for my taste. Go is the sweet spot ;)

I wanted a project in order to learn Go further than reading and doing some tutorials so the micro-blog service project kicked-off. This blog is the result of those 3-4 days and I am going to use it as a more personal blog with thoughts and opinions on variety of topics and also post some useful tutorials (without going too much out-of-topic though like my previous blog).

This blog is written entirely in pure Go #golang language without any 3rd party library (i.e gorilla/mux or martini) that many Go articles suggested and I have to admit that I am very impressed. The core standard library is very sufficient and provides you all the tools to create anything you want easily. As a back-end I am using Couchbase server 2.x which is one of the best NoSQL databases I have tried so far, and speedy-demon too. As for the content of the articles I made a very minimalistic and simple panel where I can write them in Markdown format. I have chosen Markdown for the articles because it lets me write in plain text without any HTML tags or CSS classes getting involved, thus I can concentrate on the content. And it is good to know since it is being used in many other services too, like Github. The Markdown content is compiled in HTML when posted by the Go back-end.

The old blog is still live, at least for now, and I will try to find some noteworthy tutorials I wrote back in the days and post them here too, like I already did with some of them but I will keep this blog cleaner and more personal.

I hope you like this new blog and if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me ;)