Lambros Petrou
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit!" — Aristotle

Install JDK 7 (Java Development Toolkit) on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Since version 7 of Java Ubuntu no longer has in its packages the required files for the Oracle JDK 7 due to new license terms by Oracle. The default option for Ubuntu is OpenJDK but if you really want the standard Java from Oracle (former Sun) then you have no easy way to do it on your own.

Therefore I prepared a simple script that will install the Java 7 development toolkit on your system with no effort at all.

  1. Download the correct package from Oracle website: JavaSE Downloads. Choose the JDK version and afterwards Linux x86 or Linux x64 depending on your system. It must be the file with the .tar.gz extension.

  2. Download my script from here: Oracle-JDK-Installer Repository Click the button ZIP and after downloading it extract it anywhere, and remember the path.

  3. Put the package you downloaded at step 1 in the same directory as the you downloaded (step 2).

  4. Type


    You can read the instructions at my github repository (step 2) for more information.

  5. Verify your installation:

     java -version

    You should get a message mentioning the version you downloaded.

  6. Visit Verify Java Version and click Verify Java version in order to check that the browser plugin works.

That’s it folks!